• STARZ Original Series, “Power” Cast Visits St. Louis!

    By Winnie Caldwell

    St. Louis was in for a treat last Saturday night with special guests, “Tommy Egan” (Joseph Sikora), “Dre” (Rotimi Akinosho) and “Julio” (J.R. Ramirez).

    Once I was invited to this private meet and greet, I knew I couldn’t pass this moment up. And neither could these excited fans:

    But can you blame anyone for being so excited? It’s a powerful show that’s been pretty successful and to actually meet some of the stars of the series is very inspiring! Catch this clip below of the dishy interview hosted by Loni Swain!!

    I had a blast! Shout out to my boos who were also there!

    Photograph Courteous of The Cubicle Chick

     My blogging mentor (if you’re a blogger, getchu one, just not her because she’s all mine!),

    Danyelle Little, The Cubicle Chick


    My fave fluffy, energetic, beautiful diva,

    Ebbi Nicole, Empower The Fluff 

    It was nice meeting the cast of Power!

    Who’s your fave?

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