• Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now through a child’s eye

    By Winnie Caldwell

    Could you imagine working for your child? Or how about your mom always being right? Or even your college professor really knowing what he’s talking about? I remember in college, my professor warned me, “Social media is going to start charging you for awareness online. Your attention span will be challenged. You’ll be sucked into watching videos more than actually reading.” I listened to him in disbelief. I doubted him. I doubted him just like I doubted the success of blogging when my mom told me to blog over 10 years ago.

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    Now I realize, they both were right. I have been successfully blogging for 5 years in September. And in regards to my former professor, as an influencer or a business owner, if you want visibility as a small fish in a big pond, I agree that you have to invest in sponsored posts. Have you been on Facebook lately? Every third post is a video. I can’t even deny it, my professor was more accurate than I wanted to admit. But the things he warned me about, I have used for a positive influence rather than to scare me into a corner.

    Last year, I visited Washington DC for the first time as  a speaker at a blogging conference. I learned how to strategically use Facebook Live for visibility increase. So for the first time, I tried it, and I got over 60k views which turned into a business launching for my son! Wow! Watch it here!

    When his business developed, I instantly became everything. I put on my Business Admin cap, my Communications/PR cap, and of course my Web Design/Branding cap. I didn’t realize everything that I learned as a blogger would turn into me allowing my talents to sow into making sure my son’s business looked the best to the world. I didn’t realize everything I invested myself into, taking webinars during lunch breaks and late nights that it would heavily affect our future.

    With that being said, there are trends we definitely need to consider from this point forward to make sure we remain on top.

    Minimalistic & Modular Design

    For 5 years I have used WordPress for my blogging/web developing. But with my son’s business, I wanted to try something different and fast. I have over 2 years experience with Squarespace and decided to give that a try on his site, BooksNBros.com. 

    It has been amazing. Not only is it clean. It’s easy to use with its drag and drop features and makes it easy for bros to sign up and for people to reach us!

    There are multiple themes available for whatever you are trying to achieve and needless to say, Squarespace has been successful for us to get the job done. 

    Vibrant Prints and Textures

    This is the cool membership box we created! Yes we. An 11 year old and myself. I played around with different ideas yet Sidney was set on the cork screw print/texture! I even remember a friend questioning that texture for kids. Yet EVERYONE LOVES IT! It’s true, go to kids for insight of the future! 

    Currently, we have 50 members and are shipping these cool boxes out VERY soon!!!

    Bold and Sleek Photography

    When everything began to take off for Books N Bros, and hi – res photos were constantly being requested; I knew exactly who to turn to. Jon Cee Visuals offers crisp, bold and sleek photos that shows up amazingly in print and online! We are in a day in age where the attention span of most is pretty short. But what will hold your attention? An amazing, vibrant shot!

    Photography by Jon Cee Visuals

    Photography by Jon Cee Visuals

    Photography by Jon Cee Visuals

    As a single mom, turned blogger, turned momager, turned full time entrepreneur (as of 2 months ago!) I never imagined designing for the future until now. There is so much in the world to see and create and I am grateful to share this journey with my child. Through his eyes, the possibilities are endless and I just continue to do my job as the driving force behind the magic to take us as far as literacy, tech and design will push us.

    *This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader*

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