• 5 Reasons Why You Need to Travel Solo and Single This Summer

    By Tatianah G.

    Summer is the best time to travel for many of us, so with that in mind how do you want to travel? 

    One way I want to highlight is doing so while solo and single. I’m talking about single and doing you, which is a more flexible form of traveling compared to in duos or group settings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my girls, travel partners and family, but after my recent trip to New York City, I must share the several benefits I got from that experience as I traveled on my own.

    Travel on your own terms

    Want to take a coach bus instead of an airplane? You can. Want to rent out an apartment with Jacuzzi tub? You can. Want to get out and explore the local festival that suits your hobbies? By all means. Traveling while solo and single means you can call the shots, set your agenda and enjoy every moment. 

    One of my personal moments was discovering Williamsburg, Brooklyn, taking my time in the shops I wanted to visit and taking photos the local art. I decided to take the subway because it was affordable and I didn’t have to worry about someone complaining about the walking because it was my choice to.

    Sleep in or not

    Go to bed and sleep in on your timing. I truly appreciated this because I’ve been on trips before when I had to wake up early or had to wait on others to get ready, or call it a night because the other person/people in the group were tired. 

    If you’re the late owl or the early bird you should enjoy travelling on your timeline. Hit the snooze button and relax or get up early to seize the day, it’s really up to you and not someone else’s itinerary.

    Meet up with friends and family

    I wasn’t a total recluse on my recent trip. I have family and friends in the area, so I had set up times to meet up with each of them. That in itself is fun and adds more memories on your trip because you’re including others in your adventure.

    I got to see new and old landmarks with my people while catching up on life, in real time and in person. If quality time is your Love Language like mine, you’ll definitely want to set up times to visit friends in your respective travel destinations.

    No obligations to anyone

    You’re the boss of your own travel when you go solo as a single. If you want to make the trip all about yourself you can and indulge in every moment of self love and reflection. No obligation to check in with a boo, no sharing a room with other people, you get the gist.

    Not being obligated to anyone else adds peace to mind and allows you to scratch off the items on your personal checklist. You know the things that no one else is interested in but you want to do? Do them. Life is to short to compromise all of the time for others. If you’re paying to travel, you might as well make the most of the experience for your personal benefit.

    Discover more about yourself 

    Traveling allows you to learn about others around you, but when you go solo you may learn something about yourself. How self reliant are you, how can you get around in a new place, are you a true introvert, extrovert, or in between? 

    On my trip I had to tap into my navigation skills to take on the NYC subway system which can be intimidating at first but by the end of my trip I was at ease. My physical stamina got tested many times from crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and to exploring Central Park. 

    If you haven’t done a solo while single trip you should definitely consider. Waiting on someone to come into your life or for your friends to get on the same schedule can waste your available time. I personally want to travel as much as I can afford to because I don’t know what the next season of my life will bring. 

    How do you plan to travel on your own terms this summer?

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  1. Kristin says:

    Yesss!!! After visiting Chicago last week, I realized that I’m looking forward to doing more solo trips because I desire that freedom. I think getting older has alot to do with it, especially in a new place. You just want to explore on your own terms and in your own time!