• Mind of a Man Monday: The Ambitions of a Black Man and a Writer

    By Gerard M.

    My Ambitionz Az a Writah

    Let freedom ring for all of my people of color all around this globe. Wouldn’t be right not acknowledging Juneteenth on the day it happened.

    I’m always very proud to represent my people of African descent. We come from greatness so I can’t ever fake my mind to believe I’m not great. The aspect of freedom will always be in question when it comes to living in America. No matter what, I will be a black man.

    I don’t know how many more times I can watch a cop or person not that’s African American get the verdict of “Not Guilty” after brutally killing a weaponless black man on live video by the world.

    It’s an anger you just can’t shake inside as a man and as a human being period. And it’s obvious that the country will always make sure we know of its savage ways everyday possible.

    I just pray for every family that has to go through this. Philando Castile and all of the other lost ones rest up and watch over us all in spirit.

    But in other news, I got to check out that Tupac movie All Eyez on Me and I thought it was a good movie. The only thing I believe could have been better was the ending, but overall I thought they broke it down the best they could in 2 hours. Everyone will have their opinions on the movie and that’s all good but just know I give it the thumbs up.

    Tupac taught me that I need to have passion for everything I do. The results he presented to the world by 26 is an inspiration to any person. I always followed the grind he had because he was always dropping albums when I was a young dude. My big homies on the block back in 93 used to always blast Holla If Ya Hear Me in they cars riding down the street while we was playing outside and I loved it for some reason because of what I was hearing him say.

    I remember either my mom or may dad having All Eyez on Me on tape and I would always take it and fast forward it to Ambitionz Az A Ridah to vibe out. Now that I think about it what’s a 7 year old doing vibing out to Tupac with all the curse words playing lol. That’s still one of my favorite Pac songs because you could feel his hunger and he knew something was going to happen to him which used to kind of creep me out back then especially after he was killed.

    As a man now I understand what Tupac means when he says I can’t change the world but I will spark the brain that will change the world. I believe there’s an assignment given to us at birth that God gives us to complete in a certain time frame to make the change we want to see as individuals. I’m grateful to still be here on this earth with the opportunity to make my dreams come true. What Tupac showed me just like any other great legend who has died too early is to use all of the talents God instilled in me NOW while I’m living. We all have to be reminded in some way that our sense of urgency has to go up because life is unpredictable.

    The summer starts Wednesday so prepare for your shift in life. I know I have some adjustments to make over the next 90 days to better myself as a man. I want you all to keep pressing forward despite whatever come your way. We gone make it. I want to thank you for checking me out for Mind of A Man Mondays.

    Peace and Love.

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