• Keeping the faith in your Struggle Seasons

    By Tatianah G

    I remember several years ago I was helping a grad school friend move to a new city to start her new job. We drove over 11 hours, unpacked her things and started to set up her new home. 

    At the time I was still taking classes myself but I was in a state of wondering when I was ever going to get to the same place that she was in. I had already been through a few years of under-employment after receiving my Bachelors Degree, so the desire to move forward into what I thought I wanted was very real.

    I wanted an apartment, a new job with a salary and benefits so much because that’s what most graduates desire. Looking back I didn’t realize that despite what I wanted in that season, I didn’t have a job to pay for this apartment that I wanted or a job to live on my own just yet. I had to take some time to get ready for that new job. It took me a year after I graduated to get the new job and another year later I moved out on my own.

    You don’t realize the “struggle season” you’re in until you get out of it. There were plenty of days and nights when I thought if this was all there was to my life in that moment. Out of those two milestones in my adulthood were beautiful testimonies that I’ll never forget regarding the Lord’s timing and provision. 

    Fast forward to two apartment moves later, I’m even considering a career move. Looking back at the time where I was in the struggle season, when I didn’t know what was going to happen, I have to thank God for his faithfulness for hearing my prayers back then for understanding the angst in my heart, for being patient with me when I was comparing my life to other people, when I was worried about what was going to happen next, or entertaining the doubt that was coming to my mind.

     Sometimes you just have to let the season pass through without losing your hope.

    We see scriptures in the Bible about patience being perfected in the struggle (James 1:2-4), having its way and that’s what happened to me in that season. The struggle helped me to see my pride and entitled attitude in my heart. We don’t want our attitudes and heart posture to be the things that create the struggles in our waiting seasons.

     I wasn’t ready for my own apartment then, and just like that some of us aren’t ready for a new job, some of us aren’t ready to be married, some of us aren’t ready for kids. It may seem like that “unreadiness” is a struggle but trust that God is going to prepare you for His promises for your life. He heard your prayers. He’s working on you, so allow Him to have those struggles. 

    If you’re in a struggle season right now take a step back to see the big picture. Is your struggle challenging your way of thinking? Your flesh? Your patience? Your own strength? We’ve got to rely on the One who is the shelter from our storms and who calls us to trust in His strength when we are weak. God wants us to reach for Him more than what we are striving to achieve. 

    God is faithful and He’s going to come through on what He said. He wants to prepare you so you will be able to receive it correctly and not take advantage of it.

    Your struggles don’t define you, they refine you.


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