• Mind of a Man Monday HACKED: Fluffy Grl Takeover on Confidence and Curves

    By Winnie Elizabeth

    The last few weeks have been weird for me mentally. Yes life is dope, yes amazing things are coming my way, yes blessings are falling in my lap BUT what about those silent moments? What about when the city is asleep and you’re forced to pay attention to YOU?

    I thought I had all of the answers. I read scripture, prayed, lit incense, retweeted philosophical quotes, but I needed more. Then the Fluffy Grl Movement gave me the positive energy I never knew I needed.

    As I walked in, I was greeted with smiles, hugs and I felt the girl power in the room! The decor was cute yet perfect for Ebbi’s quirky style!

    But what really grabbed me was her story.

    Ebbi shared the same battle as most people do when they have a dope idea but don’t know what to name it. She was torn between calling her tribe Thick Girls, Curvy Girls, Fat Girls and nothing seemed to stick. Then she shared her testimony of going to a diner and the waitress suggested a meal and had no problem saying, “Well this fluffy girl loves..” Wait. Fluffy? That’s all that Ebbi needed to hear. She met her match. She didn’t think that other women would be comfortable with saying their fluffy in a positive way and now she has an entire tribe that looks up to her.

    Not for being fluffy and fabulous but also for her body talk tips, and now she even has a new e-book that can help you with loving yourself!

    10 Tips to Remain Fearless and Fluffly Fabulous is the ultimate GET YOUR LIFE INTO PERSPECTIVE in 25 PAGES tool. This e-workbook challenges Fluffy GRLs to take a closer look at themselves and the way that they have been taught to perceive their bodies and capabilities.


    Now I know you’re probably like, “But Winnie you ain’t fluffy!”

    Clearly. But even as a petite woman I have dealt with body issues. People always want what they don’t have right? Unfortunately. But at the event I even had the chance to ask Ebbi, “What about those dealing with body issues, no matter their size? How do you love yourself?” And as she smiled, she responded, ” Try something different and own it. I would never see fluffy girls in crop tops years ago. One day I decided I’d step outside of the comfort zone and rock it. Now you can’t keep me away from them.” That gave me the motivation I needed. Sometimes we hide behind society’s mask to save ourselves from judgement of insecure spectators.

    *cues Mask Off*

    I took selfies with no makeup on. I wore a romper with my legs out and my tomboy scars showing. And had thee best day ever. Everyone has something they are battling with.Don’t let demons you can beat keep you down.

    Claim confidence today. You were created different from everyone else for a reason. Love YOU.


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