• Mind of a Man Monday: Live Life and Push Forward

    By Gerard McClure Jr.

    This Monday, I have to send a shout out to my mom because she received her Master’s degree in Nursing this weekend. Words can’t describe the hard work she put into that. From being doubted when she had me at 17 to now running things on a bigger level, I have to shout a continuous Mother’s Day salute to her.

    Seeing that I start grad school next month, please pray for me as I embark on that journey soon. It’s been so much on my mind with everything going on in the world. As a young black man in America, I have to cherish opportunities like Grad School, no matter how stressful it may be, it’s a new life opportunity.

    Nonetheless, I have to take this moment to say rest in peace to the young brother Edward Crawford whom most who knew him here in the city of St Louis as Skeeta. The world knew him being the hero from this Pulitzer Prize winning photo.

    This brother had an intricate impact in the city after the Mike Brown/ Ferguson protests took place. I only met the brother once after the Darren Seals murder and his energy and compassion was of a great man. You could feel the hurt in the city from this tragic thing taking place just last Thursday. Edward left kids and his legacy behind and I hope his children remember the great man their father was.

    Also Rest in Peace to the young man Jordan Edwards who was killed in Texas by the white police officer and prayers sent to his family as well.

    As a black man, close deaths always make me think am I doing enough to keep my legacy alive. As a black man, close deaths like that always make me ponder and paranoid at the same time for obvious reasons. But being the man God put me here to be, I can’t lose my focus in this lifetime battle.

    I had a good a friend tell me last week you must get back to that mindset that got you hungry in the first place. I took that to heart because life is too precious to not have that same fire for success.

    I challenge you, if you feel you haven’t been on your A game, just think about what got you excited for your success in the beginning. Stay positive and keep pushing forward. I thank you for checking me out today for Mind of a Man Monday’s.

    Peace and Love

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