• Blissful and Dating Thursday: 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Settle for Less in Love

    By Tatianah G.
    Have you ever settled for less in life? Whether it was from impulse or being deceived, I’m sure all of us have felt like we have settled at some point in our lives. Making mistakes is a part of life, and learning from them is a part of maturity. When it comes to relationships, you don’t want to repeat the same cycles, so it will require you to not take the bait and settle for the same old behavior and people you’ve entertained before. Take it from someone who’s been through it, you don’t have to settle for less in relationships and love, no matter your situation.

    Here are three easy ways to stay on track in your single season:

    You weren’t created to settle.












    We were called to a high standard as believers and a lot of times that’s going to contradict the standard/cultures of this world because they’re pretty much polar opposites. For example, God’s truth in the Bible tells us that our bodies are to be a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God (Romans 12:1-2), so that means we can’t just wear whatever we want or do whatever we want with our bodies.
    To be clear, this is not about a bunch of rules, it’s more about God’s love and value in us.

    Whatever you’ve settled for in your past is not your identity.












    Jesus Christ wiped that all clear on the cross. Forgive yourself, walk in your God-given value and don’t entertain anything other than what He has for you. It’s a high standard, but it’s also attainable through the right person’s #perspective. One person’s “it doesn’t take all that” (which I’ve heard before too) is another person’s “and that’s what I love about you.” Make up your mind that you’re not going to settle. Not settling is definitely going to be a mental battle almost daily. You will face many moments where you’re weary from being single and that’s when the enemy strikes hard. You’ll run into good and good looking counterfeits, but your discernment is needed to kick in and respond to what you’re experiencing.

    Jesus too was tempted by the devil but what Jesus did was respond not in His own willpower, but with the word of God (Matthew 4:1-11).









    He was shown kingdoms but He knew of the promise that everything would be His through God the Father, so He didn’t have to shortcut and bow down to the devil to get it. He went through this this for us as an example that we can achieve what we want when we decide not to settle and combat the tempting thoughts with scripture.
    What’s your scripture when you’re faced with temptation to settle for less? Let’s stop bowing to the demons of our past mistakes and our flesh’s addictions. As the word says, you are more than a conqueror. Learn to treat yourself well so you won’t have to settle for less. Love yourself more so you don’t settle for less. Bummed out that you haven’t been on a date lately? Take yourself out! I promise you “me dates” are bomb, just try it! You may get some great revelation when it’s just you at the park, the restaurant, or wherever. It’s good to clear your mind of the why not yet’s and what if’s to enjoy this present moment in the season of your life.

    This peace that you have or can attain in your singleness is possible and you are partly responsible for that peace. You’re responsible for your personal happiness, not some other person. I know what it’s like to not value myself, to feel unworthy and have low self esteem. All of those feelings can lead one to settle for less than they deserve or what God has for them. If you’re facing those issues or in the same cycles, take the time to break free from that before you decide to enter dating or a relationship in God’s timing. While bae may not come today, you make a daily choice to love God, love yourself and love others. My prayer for us is that it becomes that exact order so that you see the fulfillment of love as it should be.


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