• More Than A Vision Board: 2 Days of Growth and Prosperity with Coach Kim Burke

    By Winnie C.

    Its 2017 ( it still feels weird saying that right?) and those goals are made and new year resolutions are in place…or so I hope. It is known that:

    1. If you write it down and make it plain, it shall happen.
    2. There’s more to vision boards than just cute pictures and catchy phrases.

    Well thanks to Coach Kim Burke recently hosting her 3rd Annual Personal Growth Series event, we got to make visions and execute them!

    Coach Kim Burke

    Have you tried to take the leap to start your own business, start a program or create a product for the community, or simply map out your next steps to transition from your 9 to 5? Not sure what’s holding you back from achieving your personal goals in life?

    At The Personal Growth Series – A Two Day Growth Experience, women were empowered to replace fear with confidence. Women were encouraged to choose Faith over Fear.  Women were coached to intentionally map out next steps for the New Year and begin to achieve  goals like a Goal Getter.

    Long story short, if you didn’t make it, you missed out.

    BUT luckily you can catch gems in Burke’s It’s Growth Time. 

    Click the image to get Burke’s book!

    But the experience was amazing and I am not only grateful I was able to cover it but that I had a seat at the table. Things happen for a reason and clearly me taking my new journal with me was aligned with Burke’s book and it is GO time!

    Before walking in, I thought I knew my master plan in life, but after day two, I walked out a new woman with a new mindset on the following that Burke guaranteed and delivered:

    Clarity About Personal Goals

    Intentional Growth Strategies

    Growth Vision Board

    Goal Getter Framework

    Mini Personal Growth Plan

    What did I learn? I have these powerful growth tips for you:

    The following tips and strategies brought to you by Nicci Roach…thank me later:

    Pictured: Nicci Roach and Kim Burke

    Nicole “Nicci” Roach

    Covenant exCHANGE, LLC

    As an advocate for gender equality and women empowerment, Nicci Roach has been fortunate to partner with a host of individuals, community leaders and organizations. For more than 15 years, Nicci has been a mentor, coach, educator, lecturer and strategist, ensuring the inclusion and advancement for women of color and culture. Nicci is the founder and lead facilitator of covenant exCHANGE.

    Nicci is the founder and lead facilitator of covenant exCHANGE, LLC. The organization’s mission is “Positioning women of color and culture for celebrated contributions.” As a leadership and development institute, programming includes professional and personal development courses, coaching and consulting. Special events provide an opportunity for networking and continued learning.

    Consider these gems she left with us:

    What does growth mean to you?

    Why would someone call you?

    Get a mentor. Read. Be accountable. As you do more, you will realize that everything can’t go with you.

    How do you feel when you haven’t grown?

    What do you need to do this year to grow? Be intentional with new habits. Dress as if you have the interview of your life, at least once a week.

    Got some tips from the gentleman in the building, Cedric Cobb:

    Pictured: Cedric Cobb and Kim Burke

    Cedric Cobb

    Best Wardrobe Solutions

    A St. Louis native, Mr. Cobb a dynamic gentleman who lives a life of passion for fashion and business. He is one of the best kept secrets in the fashion industry. He has brought true attention to detail in the wardrobes of men all around the country. His background in retail and growing up the son of a professional seamstress and entrepreneur has lead him to own and operate a men’s fashion tech company named the “Best Pocket Square Holder LLC.”

    Cedric has an extensive resume of success. In the last 18 months he has patented a product and grown his company with the introduction of 3 pocket square lines, a line of men’s socks, lapel flowers, pocket rounds and the only mobile app for men of its kind “Best Wardrobe Solutions.” Cedric works with celebrity stylists, celebrity clothiers and celebrities directly to improve, maintain or upgrade their brand image.

    Shout out to the sponsors and fellow speakers:

    Founder of Doohicky Craftique, Sade Singleton and her hubby Mr. Singleton!

    Kenya Leonard, CEO of Imagination Manifestation

    Kenya Leonard

    Pictured: Kim Burke and Chavelle Patterson of The Brand of STL

    Alyce Wilson of Grace Hill Women’s Business Center

    Thank you so much Kim for the opportunity, I can already see in January that 2017 will be a different type of growth for me! Let’s grow!!

    If you want to stay tuned with future events of Kim Burke, catch her via:


    And all social media @coachkimburke!!

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