• 3 Factors To Be Unapologetically Unbothered About In Business And Love This Year

    By Tatianah Green

    The beginning of the year comes with all kinds of resolutions and declarations of what people are going to do. In this world that’s trying to tell you everything that you need to be, this is the best time to learn what is affected how you perceive yourself and how to combat any negative thoughts and feelings with a truth that cannot be questioned. This year, I’m encouraging you to be “unapologetically unbothered” about three key areas in life when it comes to business and love.


    Comparison has grown to be a major issue in our society because we’re constantly comparing our “numbers” in life to others’. We can get caught up in the wins that other people in our field or industry are earning and we question where we are in this season. Numbers are nonfactors compared to what you need to be focused on: the content. What you’re putting out there should be genuine and true to yourself. Becoming unapologetically unbothered about the numbers means that you treasure quality over quantity any day.

    Another point is that God may be working on you and me in the seasons when we don’t see the numbers that we want because He’s working on our character. Being unapologetic about it means that you are humble enough to admit that you still have some learning and growing to do, but that’s not going to leave you discouraged about your journey to reaching your desired level. God blesses those with more who are faithful to what they’ve already been consistent stewards of.

    This is easily tied to relationships in terms of what level you’re at and the temptation to compare your love life with others. The “numbers” of dates or relationships you’ve had do not measure your value and happiness. Let’s count our blessings instead of the announcements on social media.


    God uses time differently than we do. Through the entrepreneurial lens, you may feel that you don’t have enough time to get things done in a day. I mean Beyonce’ has the same 24 hours as you, so why can’t you execute this, manage that, create and launch this? Umm yeah, Beyonce’ has a team to help her accomplish her tasks for and with her. I don’t know about you, but most of us in our business endeavors start off solo. Relax and dedicate time to focus on your business or projects. Cut things out that take away from the priority, sacrifices that are necessary to help get the job done.

    As singles we can feel the pressure especially after coming out of the holiday season aka engagement season. You may wonder when your time will come for a significant other to come into your life; will it be this year or next? Throughout my journey I’ve learned that it’s not so much about when your “turn” arrives, but more so about what you’re doing with your time leading up to then and what you’ve done for others in their season you’ve been waiting to experience for so long. Utilize this time in your unmarried season to become the best version of yourself for God, for you, and for someone else. If you stick to that order, trust and believe the wait won’t be so frustrating because your focused has shifted to God, who in His divine timing, appoints the very connections and relationships we’ve been praying about.


    I’m learning to get free from people’s opinions. I’ve had breakthroughs but I’m well on my way to be unapologetically unbothered about what people have to say. It’s all about getting to the point where you know who you are and what you’re purposed to do, with an understanding that you weren’t put on this Earth to live outside of God’s purpose for your life. It’s not so much about aspiring to be, but just simply be-ing. I’ve gotten that confirmation three times in one weekend!

    People don’t validate you, God does. And as long as you make that your declaration when you start to think otherwise, you’ll have more peace, joy and hope in your assignment. God’s not through with us in our careers or our love lives. To tie this into relationships, other people’s opinions on you being single shouldn’t sway your confidence in where God has you in your personal journey. I’ve heard some crazy opinions, advice and comments made towards me in this walk and you’ve got to get to the point where you can laugh about it with God later. Being single is not a negative thing compared to people’s perspectives. What matters is your perspective with a renewed mind in Christ Jesus.

    This is not going to be easy, so don’t take this post as a generalizing note that things will change in you instantly. It may take a few months or even the whole year to be unapologetically unbothered, but it’s worth it because you know you want something more, different and genuinely yours without reservation.


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