• Mind of a Man: What You See For 2017 Is What It Will Be

    By Gerard McClure Jr.

    1. Happy Birthday to my grandma Clarice McClure as she turns 87 today. How much of a blessing is that to drop a blog post on your grandma’s birthday and shout her out?! She will love it once she sees this.

    A grandmother’s job never ends. Many grandmothers in our society step in to raise children when their mother is unavailable. Even in the best of situations, having a grandmother to help with child raising and to provide a softer touch is often a welcome intrusion.


    We are all chasing a dream that may have stressed us out in 2016 but we all know this is year to complete the goal. This makes me think about our motto at 100 Black Men:

    What They See Is What They’ll Be.

    If you just live up to your potential this year that will save a multitude of kids just from taking your wisdom in. I know I have to step my game up big time and I will because it’s necessary. Spread more love in your neighborhood than ever before. I believe with the year having the lucky 7 it’s time to go after what you really want in life.

    This year will be a great for us all just BelieveNYOself. I thank you for checking me out today for Mind of a Man Monday’s.

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