• Mind of a Man Monday: After Barack What’s Next?

    By Gerard McClure Jr.

    Psalms 112: 7-8 He will not fear evil tidings. His heart is steadfast, trusting in the lord. His heart is upheld, he will not fear, until he looks with satisfaction on his adversaries.

    I think back to when I first voted for Barack back in 2008 in Fort Scott, Kansas. It was as if I had just voted for the black Messiah to come save the world.

    I listened to My President is Black by Young Jeezy everyday after Barack first won. Celebrating him in office was just a required thing in my life.

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    My mind was stretched so far to the point that I just knew I had a chance to be great.

    Voting for Barack again in 2012 in North Carolina gave me the reassurance that I was destined to change the lives of the youth just as Barack was changing mine.

    I was most happy when they showed Barack being a good husband to his wife and great father to his kids all 8 years.

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    The display of that has shown men of color all over the world that you can be powerful and still be a great family man. With all he’s had to endure I just hope his post president life is a smooth transition. I hope he goes to all the hoods and communities all over the America spreading that speech of liberation and real solutions for all the lost looking for hope. I want him and Michelle to hit every HBCU campus to spread the message of true possibility that the young ones need. This feels like when the Cosby show ended because everyone will miss that genuine family love shown.

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    Soon things are obviously going to change, but until then I’m going to live in the Obama era.

    As a man and especially as a black man I just pray whatever happens I can prosper and create a family in this new era of presidency that won’t threaten my life or my future son.

    I thank you all for checking me out for Mind of a Monday’s.

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