• The Do It Yourself Advice You Have Needed to Get IT Done

    By Genesis Guyse

    First things first, beat the rev up…What is the “Rev-Up”?


            The Rev-Up is “I’m going to.. I want to.. I should.. I wish I could.. My dream is to…” Basically the stage that some of us get stuck in, where we only talk about following our hearts and chasing our dreams. We only think about it. We run it by our friends and family one million times. Maybe, we do some small things leaning toward the dream (like buying a domain name, then doing nothing with it). We make no real moves. Basically, we are just “reving up!”

            While this may not affect everyone. It is all too real for some of us. It is all too real for me! WE are only human! Change is scary! Stepping out of our comfort zone is not always as easy as it sounds. To say the very least, it is hard! However, do not worry. Being as I have found myself in the rev-up a multitude times. I am going to share a few tried and true ways to move past the rev-up. On to your dreams come true.

                           Change your thinking!!

    Repeat after me!


    One huge mistake that we make is waiting! Until we have enough money, time, courage or whatever other excuses that we make. Lets say again..

    Let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with planning. You will not make it far without a plan (trust me I know!). However, there IS something wrong with doing nothing while waiting for the “perfect time”. The perfect time will never come! Make a plan. If you don’t have the money, start with what doesn’t cost anything. Don’t have the time? Yes, you do!!  Afraid? DO IT ANYWAY! Do not wait, get going now!

                                 Stop Talking!!


       I cannot describe to you guys the ton of bricks that I was hit with when I realized how much I talk about my dreams! A key indicator that you are stuck in the rev-up! I’m going to.. I want to.. I could.. I wish I could.. I should.. STOP!! Stop saying these things pertaining to your dream! I am not saying that talking about your dreams is wrong. I’m saying that ONLY talking about your dreams is wrong! I am saying that it is too easy to fall into a cycle of talking instead of doing. Just do it! You can do anything that you want to do! All you have to do is stop talking and actually decide! Stop wasting all of your time talking about it. Mulling it over with anyone that will listen. Trying to figure out what everyone else thinks. “Do you think I should?’ “Is it a good idea?” Driving everyone including yourself, insane.  If it is always in your heart and on your mind it is absolutely a good idea. It is absolutely for you. You absolutely should do it. So do it!

                                               Jump IN!!

    Snowball.. Dive-in… GO BIG!!


            YES! Progress is progress. However, you don’t reach for the smallest branch that you can find, when trying to pull yourself out of quicksand! The same thinking applies here! If you are stuck in the rev-up, you are going to need something big to pull yourself out. What is it that scares you most about your dream? Tackle that first. Your most difficult task is the one that you take a run at first! Conquer the big things first. Everything else will be a breeze. Taking a leap of faith will be your saving grace.

           There is no shame in the rev-up. You just cannot stay there. There is no shame in being nervous or just plain scared. I will say it again. Change is scary. You are human. However, if it is something that is always on your heart. If it is something that is always on your mind. It is for you! Remember that you are amazing! Remember, that there is nothing that you cannot do. Nothing is off limits to you. NEVER forget how powerful you are. Never forget who you are! Whatever you do, never forget to love yourself!!

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