• Mind of a Man Monday: WHY I QUIT MY JOB & NEVER WENT BACK

    By Angel Q.

    When I first quit my job to start freelance entrepreneurship and full-time blogging, it was an uphill battle in every way. As a 27 year old brand manager of about 8 different fragrance brands; my job was at it’s hardest, my prayer life was at it’s most shallow, my friendships were skeptical about my decision-making (to say the least) and things were only about to get worse.
    New Years Eve, as the ball dropped and I sat on the couch separate from the crowd of people who are my closest friends (the usual, they know already) I prayed/spoke to God about my decision one last time.

    “You’ve confirmed, and confirmed this leap, Lord. I can’t take this chance any later in life or else I wont have the luxury of a family to back me up. This year, I’m gonna work toward my own business, being self sufficient and finding my place in the market. But Father I give you every plan and goal, close every door and open up every opportunity that you see fit. If you are in this, I’ll know.”

    I took to the Taco bar and left it at that.

    Fast-forward three months, I had already created cultureandgod and Morali Men was born.  A men’s grooming company birthed out of an idea a close friend of mine and I had while he was in his barber chair. We were blessed enough to have the right friend sit in his chair and invest in the company and voila!

    It felt like a dream for a moment, but the business was just as difficult as you’d might expect. Patience was my biggest necessity. So we continued at it, chipping away at my promise, seeing no immediate reward having risked it all.
    *DISCLAIMER* In my dealings, conversations and hang outs with people I notice a certain tone that comes across when my situation comes up. My current state of living might seem to be one that implies that I’m being inconsiderate to my family for taking this risk. I’d like to offer a counter argument and state a few points.

    1. Calculated risk is the name of the game. I would never let my risk taking get to the point where we are worse off than we have been in the past.
    2. My family is in this with me. They may not always see my vision, but they understand my process. And they understand the sacrifice of the long game. Hard work over quick pay-off. This is vital for the entrepreneur or the minister. I’m blessed to have both.
    3. For two years after college I did my best to give everything I could with my job. Providing with what I had. In order for me to break the ceiling and provide more, build a life or exceed average, it’s imperative that I live how others never could. Without sacrifice there is no great success. Especially when you’re starting from nothing.

    Moving on.
    During my entire time as an entrepreneur, this blog had been pumping out blog post day after day. I was learning about target markets, theology, social, and so much more. Documenting the process of a life of a post collegiate, broke, twenty-something (which I still am), who loves Jesus in this crazy world. Once I became more comfortable with video I began gaining interest from people who messaged me asking to do videos for them.


    I found my business model.


    What’s The Point?

    Without my process, I would have never been able to stumble onto the idea of doing videos for people, even though I am a graphic designer. The process of learning who you are as a professional or who you are in God may take longer than expected but it is always worth every lesson!
    Angel Media Branding is now my primary source of income and I can say that proudly because of the hideous process I had to go through to find it. Sometimes redirecting your focus and technique without losing sight of your calling can be the best thing for you.

    I always wanted to make art and make people look like rockstars. I always loved brands and the overall idea of marketing, but in retrospect this was just a small example of me knowing what I wanted to do, just changing how I did it.
    This New Years, I’m projected to be making nearly as much as I made when I left my job. Although that may be a small feat to some, to me that is a grand accomplishment which will grow exponentially. All this is because of aggressive and intentional personal growth and more importantly holding on to God’s confirmation.


    I don’t recommend that anyone do what I did. As a matter of fact I speak against it. But I recommend you find your calling, you learn about yourself and what you love doing. Instead of settling, you pursue that! Because there is only one time around at life, picture the life God has for you, reverse engineer it, pray for God’s guidance and start attacking!

    There was one video I watched that helped me when I wanted to quit. Here it is.



    God Bless!

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