• Frugal Fridays: Declutter Your Space.. Declutter Your Mind

    By Genesis Guyse

    SO, I have (or at least I had) too much stuff.

    stuffWatching one of my favorite YouTubers, whom is minimalist, has really made me aware off all the “things” that I have that I do not need.Or even use. Even further I had no idea how much all of these things had a hold on me, until I started to get rid them. I am not saying that this is the easiest task. I am saying that if you are in a place similar to mine in life. A place of severe life change and growth, shedding some extra weight could be the best thing for you. Here are the few steps that I took to do just that.

    Step 1: Get Real!

    guyAs some of you may know, my day job is “nanny”. One of the things that I am asked to do from time to time is to purge toys. Get rid of things that they have grown out of or simply never play with. However, this task is nearly impossible with a child around. As soon as I attempt to remove a toy that I KNOW has not been touched in a year, it immediately becomes their “favorite”. Guaranteed to drive anyone insane. That is until it became me. I wanted to keep EVERYTHING.  Because I used to love it. Because I saved up for it when I was 15. Because it was my first. My last. My everything!! I had to get real with myself.

    GENESIS!! These are just things! That you don’t love anymore. That you don’t need anymore. That you haven’t touched in a year!! It is time to let them go.

    You used to love that band. So keep one t-shirt. Not the entire collection. If you don’t absolutely love it.

    Step 2: Make a plan.

    handddFirst things first. What exactly needs to go? I go through intense phases and when I like something I become obsessed and everything has to be that. Which as I’m sure you can guess, leaves me with a lot of junk. You may not be like me, maybe it’s only shoes that you were once obsessed with but now only really have three pair that you wear. Either way, you probably need to make a list. You can go by room in your home. Or even by type of object ie: beauty products, DVDs, clothing etc.

         For me decluttering is a great weekend task because it keeps me from roaming Target, buying more junk that I don’t need. It also keeps me productive aside from catching up on my favorite Netflix shows. You can also set time aside to get it done right away.

    Step 3: Get to work!!

    Once you have it all planned out it is time to get to work. Once you’ve gone through and decided what doesn’t belong in your space anymore, it is time to decide where exactly it belongs. I started with boxes. Family and friends. Donate. Sell.

    A few questions I asked myself:

    “Is it perishable?” “Do I know someone that likes or would like this? “Is it worth some money?” You get it right??

    Expired food, half eaten ice cream in the freezer that’s a year old – trash!

    Unused beauty products- maybe your friends want it.

    Books you read once and won’t read again- Donate or sell.

    I will say it again. If you don’t love it, use it or need it anymore. It has to go.

    Step 4: Get it out!!

    One rule that I found so important to stick to: Once it is out, it can’t come back in!

    passIf you have a box of things for your friends to look at, put a timer on it. If they don’t come in X amount of days take it to goodwill or trash it. If Plato’s Closet doesn’t take some of your clothes then donate them. List things online to sell for a month or two and if they don’t sell donate them.

    Step 5: Enjoy

    Getting rid of clutter not only clears out and brings more peace to your space. It will really change your thinking! Funny how getting rid of a few DVDs and some old mascaras granted me so much mental clarity. Put into perspective what it is that I really need.

    createherstock-inspire-create-1Most importantly helped me to see and love myself better, minus all the “things”. So go ahead, try it! You will be amazed to see the difference that it makes.

    OH!! And don’t forget to love yourself, you are the only you and that is amazing!!


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