• Mind of a Man Monday: Antonio Gully Taking St. Louis in His Own Hands

    By Gerard McClure Jr.

    Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with a brother and good friend who’s making a lot of positive noise in the St. Louis community with his service. If you live in St. Louis and have seen groups of people running on Sunday mornings and cleaning the streets of St. Louis City, you’ve experienced ROAR United. After attending some his community events, I was impressed by the passion Antonio Gully, Founder of ROAR United. peaceHe has a knack for change inside the roughest areas in the St. Louis City. Join us as we covered various topics like police brutality to even talking about woman and love, etc. Get in on the interview below:

    Gerard McClure Jr: What’s going on my brother, why did you start ROAR United?


    Antonio Gully: Well my brother, coming back from college I noticed that there were still many issues in the St. Louis community and I knew that I may have the resources and crowd participation to change that. So I reached out to contacts and tried to create a program that can help with education, help with healthy living, and bridge those gaps between organizations in St. Louis to get things done.

    McClure: What is the mission of ROAR?


    Gully: The mission of ROAR is  to provide the resources to the communities that will help them reach their full potential overtime whether it be in the arts, athletics, healthy living/service or anything along those line. So ROAR is that liaison helping people within the community reach their goal to prosperity.




    McClure: That’s a dope mission and something needed around the city. My next question is what’s your top concern in the St. Louis city from your point of view?

    Gully:  That’s a great question G and to answer that I would say my top concern isn’t even the people with the problems but more with the people who have the resources to help but don’t use their resources properly to affect positive change. It’s so many people in this city that have access to funds and free time to give but just don’t take the time to because of whatever reason and that’s a big problem.



    McClure: Yeah I feel you on that piece. Sometimes the unity can be non-existent and needs to get better.  So being that this apart of Mind of a Man Mondays what are your thoughts on all of the police brutality that’s taking place on the black man and more on the black woman?

    Gully:  My thoughts are pretty simple; we need to create our own society. As long as we are living under policies that were originally made to oppress us, we will always be the victims of crime. It’s time for us to stand up and learn how to create our own polices, do our own petitions, learn how to create proposals, etc so we can police our own neighborhoods. Now that takes time but if we come together this will definitely happen not just in St Louis but all around the United States and the world.

    McClure: I’ve been noticing for a while the gap between us black men and women in our generation when it comes to this thing called loved. I see that you have love in your life so what advice would you give to the brothers out here on how to maintain a good solid relationship?

    Gully: Take control of your mind, body, and spirit. Make the decision that if she is the one for you, then put that effort in daily to make it work. You know the distractions will come from all angles so make sure you are disciplined to say NO when it needs to be said. Other than that just make sure the both of you are compatible with long term goals and know anything worth having takes work on both sides.

    McClure: So what advice would you give to a person out there who wants to create change in their community, but just don’t know where to start?

    Gully:  My biggest advice to that person would be to just do it from whatever point you are at. You are the only person who can get it done. Waiting on change will only leave you more frustrated with no solutions in motion. Stay focus on the bigger picture and keep consistent action going. Use your resources and be prepared for the good and the bad.

    McClure: How can people get involved with ROAR in its future projects?

    Gully:  They can check out www.ROARUNITED.com for future events going on in the St. Louis City or they can follow us on facebook @ROARUNTIED to see future events as well.

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