• Frugality: NOT 100 Percent About the Money


    By Genesis Guyse

    Frugal – economical in expenditure; prudently saving or sparing: not wasteful.


    Before we dive in, I would like to present all of you shining stars with a bitter truth. Sort of a recent epiphany. I am not frugal! Funny, thaI ’s what i write about. Right? Don’t get me wrong I am not a complete mess. This epiphany however, presented itself recently. When I found myself in a state seriously resembling depression, unable to be creative in any capacity. Hating every single idea that I had. Second guessing every  decision. “Should I buy more yogurt? Yes! No! HELP!” Unable to do anything “extra” but sleep. I was in a slump to say the least.

    Which brings us here! When we think of “frugal”, more often than not we think of money. As aspiring entrepreneurs, money will almost always be the question, the answer or the focus. While this is normal we need to remember that money isn’t everything!

    We can have it all financially and still be hemorrhaging everywhere else. My point is it takes a lot more than money to keep this dream boat afloat.


         Shall I explain the question mark?!  Miriam-Webster dictionary has five full definitions of the word “spiritual”. The website dictionary.com has 12 definitions. I searched for a good quote and was met only with a ton of information either regarding, spirituality v. religion or spirituality alongside religion. I should digress before unwittingly offending someone (which was the basis of the titling headache to begin with). What I want to say is basically spiritually, whatever that means to you. Do not ignore it!! There were thirty-one definitions for the word “spirit”.

    My favorite was: the principle of conscious life: the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between the body and soul….Animating the body”.

    I try to keep it full of these things. I do my very best to stay away from things that leave my spirit feeling spent. I have felt bankrupt spiritually in what could have been some of the richest moments of my life. Feed your spirit. Pray meditate, spend time with nature. Volunteer. Laugh with your loved ones. Kiss your babies. Whatever it is that feeds your spirit.


    If you meet your goals, if you get the dream. But you’ve neglected your spirit, it will mean nothing! I cannot stress this enough..     DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR SPIRIT! Try not to spend time around people, places or even things that drain you. If it doesn’t feel right, do not do it! Lastly, make sure you are not draining someone else. Your dream is important. It is your baby. It is your sun. However, don’t step on anyone getting there. I believe very deeply that you reap what you sow. While it is our own responsibility to feed our spirits it is also pertinent that we respect others spirits as well.

    Anyone that knows me knows that I am a massive over thinker. I overthink everything from choosing an apartment to, what shirt to wear today. Because what if I lose everyone that I love because they hate my grey shirt?! Or what if I walk past the love of my life today and he overlooks me because of my plain grey shirt!! Maybe I should just crawl back into bed and skip life today. You may think I am exaggerating. I am not.

           My thinking is something that I have always and still do struggle with. Sometimes I rule my mind and I rule the world. Sometimes I crawl back into bed and hide. Ruling your mind can be difficult. Extremely. The majority of the time, we overspend mentally all by ourselves. We talk down to ourselves. Doubt ourselves. Overthink. Doubt ourselves. I know I said that one twice. That is because that is my biggest challenge.

    I don’t know when the bad stuff became so easy to believe and I don’t think that I am the only one with this problem. I am learning to put up a fight for myself when the negative thinking starts to set in. I used to just believe it. I am not smart enough? OK! I am not beautiful? OK! I should just stick to what I know? OK! I cannot get anything right and should just quit? OK! That was my thought process all the time. I.AM.NOT.GOOD.ENOUGH. (Terrible grammar for emphasis). The lesson that life is teaching me however, is this. 

        Something that I am a big fan of when I am teaching my kids how to do something (did I mention that I am also a nanny?), is muscle memory. If they want to climb something but can’t figure it out, I will put them in that position. When they were learning to walk, I would put them in the optimal walking position. Now that I am changing my thinking I put my mind in the optimal position to believe and think the absolute best. Your mind is a muscle. If you repeatedly think “I can’t do this”. That is all it will know. If you repeatedly doubt yourself, that is all your mind will know.  I won’t lie to you and say that changing your thinking is easy. It is not. Every single negative thought needs to be corrected! “I am not smart enough” should be met with “Of course I am!”. “I am not good enough” met with “Why not? Of course you are! You are always good enough”. “Why would I want to do that? I need to just stick to what I know!” met with “ I can learn what I need to, I can do this. I can make my dreams come true!” Changing my thinking is hard for me because my mind knows negativity so well that sometimes I feel like a liar. There is however one thing that I know to be true. Your “calling” is not mistaken. And it certainly won’t shut up. I have ignored my desire to write because I told myself that I can’t do it! I am not tech savvy, how can I maintain a blog?! All it did was get louder. All I think about is blogging, writing things and living a life that inspires people. I am not a writer. But it keeps calling me. If it is in your heart, it is for you. Don’t let your mind cheat you out of it.



              There are a million reasons to take good care of your body. Because I think I have rambled enough for today I will share my favorite two.

               ONE- I cannot even think of the words that truly describe the mental clarity that I experience when I am really caring for my body.I overthink less. I am less anxious. More positive. More productive. In short, I function better in every aspect of my life. If I go to the gym in the morning.

               TWO- For me, working out is a direct reflection of my journey in life. As well as in, chasing my dreams. I do not always like working out. Some days it is a breeze and I am excited to work out. Some days, I NEED another hour of sleep! The gym is a millions miles away. I just don’t want to! I’m tired and I should really take it easy! But i know that if I can just get up and push myself! Push through five more minutes or one more rep. Push my body a little further. I can conquer the world.

               You may be thinking “oh no, exercise is not for me!” I will just urge you to try! There are a million different ways to exercise.  It will give you so much more than an amazing body.

    “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”  -Christian D. Larson

    Finally, I just want to say what I think everyone including myself needs to hear. You can do this!! Whatever the dream. Big or small. Do not yourself! There will be obstacles far beyond how money. Make sure that you take care of yourself. Pay attention to what you’re spending spiritually, mentally and physically. You got this! You have everything that you need already within you.

        OH! And love yourself! Seriously, because you’re BOMB!

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