• Mind of a Man Monday: Every Black Man

    Romans 12:16 says, “Live in Harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.”


    All of my heroes lived by that saying or scripture. About a week ago I attended an event here in the Lou (St. Louis) called #EveryBlackMan created by Corey Wright, a cold poet here in St Louis City.


    When I first heard about it, I was down from the jump because there were so many killings happening too fast.


    What’s Every Black Man?

    What would it take to get every black man in STL that was physically able to meet on Art Hill Sunday June 19th, and just fellowship, burn sage, pray for our incarcerated, pray for our brothers that have passed, tribute our ancestors, uplift each other, and make arrangements to better ourselves, our women, our children, our homes, and our communities? I want to make this a reality. #EveryBlackMan is a brother.

    All positive energy is welcome to join us.

    A young lady got killed on Washington Ave. in Downtown St. Louis with her baby in the car, a young prominent graphic artist got killed by robbers, and the list continues. The city was hot early and that’s not to mention the other 100+ murders that happened already before July.

    So this Every Black Man event was necessary. On the day as I was pulling  up and I saw a big circle of black folks and I already knew what it was. I saw peace. I saw love. Walking closer I saw a bunch of wonderful brothers and sisters just giving positive energy, which was dope in itself.


    A lot of everyone’s time here consisted of connecting with brothers and sisters who may not have known each other beforehand. It was a good thing started and I hope it continues so we can get more people to make amends. I hope to see these young cats stop with the killing and I want to see families thrive with everybody living.

    13434929_892712220857879_2104254296756358105_nAt the Every Black Man event and even other situations prior, I’ve learned that everybody wants to be heard. How will you help with helping black brothers and sisters express their voices positively? Somehow we have to keep enforcing positivity daily to our youngins because they will be the generation taking over in the next 30 years. We can’t lose hope in them because a lot of us were just like them and got it together over time like they will. How will that happen? As long as we tell them we believe in them and help them to succeed to the end. That alone goes along way.


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    Peace and Love

    Gerard McClure


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