• Summer of Single: 5 Ways to Have Your Best Summer Ever

    By Tatianah Green

    Summer is officially here and for single guys and ladies this is really the best time to be yourself and enjoy your single status. Whether you’re ready to mingle or you’re learning more about yourself this season, you can truly have a great summer; it’s all on what you put into it! Here are five ways that single men and women can make the most out of the summer months ahead:

    Rock your staple piece for the season

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    The snow has melted and all the extra layers are off! I don’t know about you, but I love the summer in part because of the fashion options. Ladies and gents—choose a staple piece (new or old) and rock it with intention this season. One of my brothers in Christ recently purchased a pair of non-prescription browline glasses to wear while going out, a bold and stylish selection I might add. I for one have embraced the headscarf trend from floral to African and tribal. I get inspiration from several brands including The Wrap Life (@thewraplife). Not only are they stylish, but it saves prep time because I can keep my hair covered! One key to rocking your staple piece is to do it with confidence. You don’t have to be like everyone else, wear what reflects you and your unique personality and wear it well.


    Date yourself

    In the summertime it’s easier to spot couples enjoying time together and going out, but did you know you can do that too? Yes, take yourself out on a date, I promise you it’s not as awkward as it sounds. You don’t have to wait on someone to come along to try a dish at the hottest new restaurant in town or see that movie that you are really interested in but your friends can’t seem to find the time. Life is short—treat yourself to something simple and nice and enjoy your own company. How many of us can do that, without our phones and mobile devices? I’m positive that this time on your own will show you something about yourself. Ask God to join you on the date for more divine inspiration.

    Dare yourself

    This is the season to try something that scares you in a good way. Is it that trapeze class you’ve heard about, or approaching that fellow single at a church event? Anxiety is not our portion, and many of us are only in the way of some great opportunities out there. So whatever it is that you feel may be a small, medium or large fear, exercise your faith and go for it. For me it would be attending a networking event on my own. Thankfully I’ve been blessed to run into familiar faces, but the introvert in me gets anxious in public settings from time to time. Like myself, you have to take a chance, get out of your own head and just do it! Trust that God is with you and will give you what you need in that time.

    Learn something new

    Knowledge is power and it’s definitely attractive. While in your single season, strive to learn to become a better you and it doesn’t have to be for someone else. Take some classes to learn skills that you need in life such as basic accounting, cooking, Bible study, etc. We are students as long as we are living, but in this stage of your life you may have more options on what it is exactly that you want to learn. And there are no excuses in this technology-driven society. There are hundreds if not more free courses, webinars, email programs, etc. that are aimed to teach your something to do practically or enhance your life.

    Help someone else

    Being single in the summer gives you plenty of opportunities to work more for the Lord and to help others. I’ve joined a couple of volunteering events (5Ks and food drives) that allowed me to get out of the house and help someone in need. You never know what your small sacrifice of time from a few hours to a day’s worth of work can do for someone else. Some other suggestions include cleaning up a block or two in your neighborhood, babysitting your friend’s kids while they take some time away or run errands, visit the elderly and spend time with them, help a friend move, or volunteer at your local community center.

    These are just several ways that you can really enjoy your summer, so no excuses, okay? These ideas are simple reminders of how blessed you are to be where you just as you are. We are happy when we choose to be content and not look at other circumstances as better than where we are. There’s contentment, work, and joy in the single season. Enjoy and make the most of your summer!

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