• Mind of a Man Monday: Transition


    In this shift from the 1St half to the second half of the year I feel it’s only right to talk about transition. I hope that boy LeBron James read that scripture from Joshua because after last week’s game he need that motivation lol. With the passing of the Goat Muhammad Ali recently, it just made me think about how I wanted my life to have great meaning to the very last breath.

    We all have had our ups and downs in this journey called life, but we can never forget the purpose God instilled in us as individuals. A lot of times God sends us through an obstacle course to force us to find ourselves so He can step in and bless the situation.

    I know since last year I was experiencing a lot of frustration from not finding a job in my field after moving back from school in 2015. Having to work a job that didn’t bring me any satisfaction brought all kinds of negative thoughts in my head watching people prosper as I wasn’t. I knew I was better than this but for some reason things weren’t panning out. I used that situation for what it was and built character. That obstacle course ended about a week ago when I accepted a great position with a company called Better Family Life helping the youth fetching placement in my city of St Louis.

    Screenshot_2016-06-04-19-16-02I don’t know what your obstacle course may be but I’m here to tell you that you must stay positive and keep doing your part to succeed and God will come through when you least expect it. He is building your character for bigger and better things. The summer is approaching so it’s time to think about how you will make me rest of the year your best. Maybe a change of friends could be the answer.

    Shout out to my brothers of 100 Black Men. I was inducted within a few weeks ago. I’d like to leave you with a quote that has helped me in my transition and it goes “If it is to BE it is up to ME.” This goes along way because only we can change ourselves and situations day by day. Get ready for what God has for you in the second half. Pay attention to the signs and put that work in.

    IMG_20160521_121653I want to thank you for checking me out for Mind of a Man Monday’s. Stay true to yourself and God will do the rest if you believe it so. All comments can be made below and topic suggestions can be sent to my email at amansmind88@gmail.com.

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    Peace and love.

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