• Kia Called Me To Ride and Drive and It Changed My Life


    What do you do when Kia is in town and is offering for you to test drive their cars? You attend! Recently, I was invited to get a personal tour of many new Kia vehicle models and even test drive my favorite pick! Even though I am known for being booked to capacity, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I’m a blogger, a lover of cars and I love, love, love to network. So let me give you my full experience.

    Kia recently touched down in St. Louis, MO at Six Flags St. Louis to host their event, Kia Ride and Drive which was a big hit. Imagine not only walking up to all the live action at Six Flags but also being welcomed by friendly faces of Kia, a GIF/Video booth and luxury cars! I didn’t know where to start!

    Luckily, I was approached by the friendly faces of Kia first! All I needed to do was complete a review of my knowledge of Kia (pre-test drive). Honestly, I don’t drive a Kia and only have one close friend with an older model Kia, so I wasn’t that knowledgeable. The funny thing is I think that helped me. I was able to walk in; be open-minded and be ready to receive all of the gems Kia was prepared to drop.

    I viewed many new vehicles including the 2016 Kia Optima, 2017 Kia Sportage, 2016 Kia Rio, 2016 Kia Sedona and the (granddaddy of them all) 2016 Kia K900. Can you guess which one was my favorite? Let me tell you a little about each first.

    2016 Kia Optima:

    ~It’s spacious

    ~It’s quiet (no annoying outside noise!)

    ~Heated steering! For those cold winter days, your hands will love this Kia Optima

    ~Multiple charging ports, even available for rear passengers. (Thankfully, something to stop those fights for a charging port in your car!)

    2017 Kia Sportage:

    ~Great mileage! City/Hwy MPG is 23/30!

    ~Road trip friendly! This vehicle offers expanded cargo space with 60:40 flat folding rear seats and offers as much space as you need to get ready for a family, couples, or girls/guys trip!

    2016 Kia Rio:

    ~Can we say affordable?? I’m a little in my feelings. I have a 2015 non Kia vehicle that I will say offers less features than this European beauty and I paid close to $13k. But this 2016 Kia Rio is $14k! What?? I love it.

    ~The technology is the best. The Kia Rio offers push to start, Bluetooth capability and more!

    2016 Kia Sedona:

    ~Let’s highlight this mileage. How about City/Hwy MPG is 18/25. Enough said. *drops mic*

    ~Not your mom’s van. I have a 10 year old and he’s popular and plays sports. The Kia Sedona offers your mom’s van space but not the old school look.

    ~It has reclining rear seats with footrests for extra comfort! Any and every passenger’s dream.

    ~Ample seating! For those with big families or a lot of friends, this Kia Sedona offers eight passenger seating or more!

    ~Charged up! The Kia Sedona offers 8 charging outlets! Everyone will have charged up phones, tablets, and any other piece of technology thanks to this vehicle!

    2016 Kia K900:

    ~Optimal lighting! This vehicle offers natural lighting in conjuction with the full LED headlights, not to mention the headlights are Dynamic Bending Lights (meaning they turn when you turn the vehicles angle)!

    ~Can we say luxury? It’s spacious, offers heated/cooling seating (front and rear), and get this….the rear seats recline!

    ~ Heads up! Can you imagine a futuristic dashboard? The Kia K900 offers that. All the driving info you need is offered on your windshield while you drive! The color even adjusts naturally depending on conditions.

    ~Bluetooth compatible! Stream music, sync contacts and just use your Kia K900 as your phone so you’re communicating effectively while driving safely.

    ~Blind Spot Detection. My blind spot is my worst enemy. This vehicle sees everything that you can’t and warns you by light and sound.

    ~Stay in your lane! Yes I say this to other drivers while I drive. But I don’t want to be the one getting out of lane and neither do you! With the Lane Departure Warning System, you’ll be alerted if you happen to veer out of your lane without using a turn system.

    ~Turn Up! Have you ever driven a car that won a Grammy?? In the Kia K900, you’ll experience 17 speakers and a 900 watt digital amplifier that is created by Lexicon – the recipient of a Technical Grammy Award! Wow!

    Ok so I know you’re wondering two things:

    1. How did I choose only one fave?

    2. Which one did I pick?

    Well as a girl who is aiming for a luxurious lifestyle, a girl who always arrives in style, a girl who needs as many safety features as possible and wants the best of them all? I choose the Kia K900. Doesn’t it look like it’s meant for me?


    #DiscoverKia Ride and Drive changed my perspective of the brand favorably. It’s the biggest hope that the client has for these experiences.

    I had a ton of fun test driving this beauty! Also I now know so much more about Kia vehicles than ever imagined. I’m excited about it all! Don’t be surprised if you catch me rollin’ in a Kia sometime in the future! I discovered the Kia in me. Which Kia are you?


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  1. Deb Sistrunk says:

    Cool assignment! I didn’t realize Kia had a such a wide range of vehicles. I gotta check ’em out. Thanks for sharing.