• Former Atlanta fire chief: I was fired because of my Christian faith

    WOW!! Do you think the chief was out of line? Do you believe him getting fired was honestly out of respect for the Homosexual Community or the Government? What are your thoughts??

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  1. Anthony says:

    Wow. This is pretty tough. I do kinda find it offensive to put a book out speaking against homosexuality. But I think that he was fired for government reasons. That book probably caused an uproar within the homosexual community. But it’s probably cause one within the religious community as well.

    • I definitely agree. I don’t want to say he’s in the wrong for his opinion. To each their own. Though he should’ve expected controversy from this. Atlanta has a large LGBT community. With him being a leader, I wish it was handled differently. Unfortunately, as a writer, I understand wanting to get opinions out, we just have to be mindful of results.

  2. I don’the believe the fire chief lost his job because he’s a Christian. I tend to agree that it was a leadership issue — for both the government and the chief. We don’t know what conversations were held between the two sides behind closed doors. Winnie, I agree with you. We have to be mindful of the results of our actions.