• VH1's Atlanta Ex Wife,Torrei Hart Hangs Up the Past & Moves on to Better!

    Torrei Hart, Mother, Producer, Actress, Business Woman, Writer and more.

    This woman wears a lot of hats, too many to name but recently VH1 has

    recently introduced us to another;

    Cast member of VH1’s Atlanta Exes as Kevin Hart’s Ex Wife.


    As many would love for the scoop on him, I was more concerned with Torrei, herself. In the interview below, we speak of Torrei’s new love life, her faith, her transition from being married to newly single, her new business venture, and her upcoming movie role! 

    Though, I specifically highlighted the most recent episode where Torrei took the ladies to the Cayman Islands for a much needed retreat!


    They definitely have a true sisterhood after watching this. The women may fight, argue, and tease; but they also console, laugh and celebrate new life together.

    I would love to see more love like this amongst women on reality TV, it reminds me of what the media is missing…showing the building of great friendships.




    Also speaking with Torrei, it is safe to say that her and Kevin are in for the long haul. God brings people together for a reason, and these kids definitely have two talented parents that love them dearly. I’m sure we will see more from Torrei making a name for herself in the near future!
    Finally,I have to give a huge congrats to Torrei as being the face of Skimpy Mixers Cherry Limeade!
    It is a beautiful thing seeing women take on various business roles. Keep it up Torrei!


    To get your bottle, visit 

    www.torreihart.com and also www.skimpymixers.com


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  1. Kiara Shanice says:

    Love this! I am sharing her testimony for sure. Thanks Torrei & Winnie

  2. Carl J says:

    This should be heard by women everywhere