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    Listening to his music gives me hope. Meet Darren Jackson.
    The sound of his single ‘Imaginary Stage’ is so invigorating!
    Not to compare but I get a Travis McCoy mixed with Bruno Mars sense of enthusiasm.
    For example, back when Travis McCoy released his single, Billionaire ft Bruno Mars, I saw myself really in Forbes one day. That’s rediculously inspiring! Its the same sense of inspiration from Darren! I love it! But he gives us a story. He’s speaking from where every dreamer is coming from. He tells what we have in our hearts, what others don’t understand. 
    The Wire Hanger by Winnie:  What inspired Imaginary Stage? 
    Darren Jackson: I was inspired to write “Imaginary Stage” when I started to reflect on life and realized I’ve spent most of my life wishing I was doing what I loved. Imaginary Stage is different to different people. My Imaginary Stage is performing my music and living a life that makes a difference in the community. Another person’s Imaginary Stage may be in the Hospital. Imaginary Stage is the place where your dreams come true.
    Who is Darren Jackson?
    Darren “Just Darren” Jackson is evolving into one of the hottest new artist by changing the world one song at a time. His new single, “Imaginary Stage” featuring Danielle Jackson is an instant classic. The anthem has an uplifting message that encourages listeners to chase their dreams despite life’s challenges. The dreamy hit is creating a resounding buzz from music enthusiast, and staking a solid name for Darren Jackson in the game.
    His songs are relatable; the young artist states that he is “not trying to be anyone or anything that [he] is not, and [he doesn’t] think anyone else should either.” Darren Jackson addresses relevant topics in his music that can relate to ordinary people. His eclectic style inspires listeners to be comfortable in their own skin; he wants his audience to know that he “is just [himself] and [he wants his] audience to know it is okay for them to be themselves too.” The musical style of Darren Jackson offers a comforting and refreshing mission that inspires the everyday person to see themselves as world changers, and to invest their lives in making a difference.
    For more on the inspirational life of Darren Jackson, check out his blog I am Darren Jackson. Groove to his upbeat hit single Imaginary stage and other tunes by following him on Sound Cloud.
    Check out his hit song and tell me what you think!

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  1. Deb Sistrunk says:

    I like this song a lot!

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