• Between The Lines

    We joke
    We laugh
    We talk

    Joking turns to flirting
    Laughing turns to moaning
    Talking turns to yelling

    My mind cries in frustration when watching my heart unfold

    Why didn’t I listen?
    I just had so much fun chillin
    Feelin that moment of bliss and
    I didn’t want to come down

    I had to get higher
    I had to take you in deeper
    But no need for the weed here

    See I could inhale your sensual words
    And blow them back out at you and have you fiendin more
    Little did you know you’ve been fiendin for what you created

    You broke down the walls
    I opened up
    You opened your arms
    I fell for you
    You expressed your dislikes
    I changed my life
    To be ready when my life changes
    See I want you
    And you want me
    But it’s not time
    When will the time be right?
    We may never know
    Maybe the day when that debt of past heartache is paid off
    Maybe the day when
    My sweet kisses will replace that bitter taste she left behind
    Maybe the day when you forget what you saw in her
    Maybe the day when you disregard that she hurt you
    Maybe the day when she will no longer be a worry but instead she will merely be a lesson

    See we joke
    We laugh
    We talk
    We flirt
    We moan
    We yell
    But we don’t dig

    See we joke about our feelings
    We laugh to sugar coat the serious moments
    We talk around the truth until it comes out
    We flirt, testing what we know is there
    We moan at the thought of taking each other to ecstasy
    We yell to be heard
    When in actuality we haven’t even been telling the truth
    With ourselves and with each other

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