• Let's Have a Toast to the Naysayers: Live Your Dream

    Les Brown,

    Will Smith


    Eric Thomas

    Offer profound words of encouragement in this short video. The message exuded in this piece has given viewers courage to go out and pursue his/her dreams. There is nothing better than positive reassurance and encouragement.

    “Too many of us are not living in our dreams because we are living in our fears,”

    Les Brown quotes.ย 

    The piece is complimented with images from the films, Pursuit of Happyness, Into the Wild, Seven Pounds, A Beautiful Mind and Rocky 4.

    Dream- Motivational Video definitely puts the I in Inspire.ย 

    Watch the video and let me know what you think!!



    Are You Up For the Challenge?

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  1. rockstrn says:

    Oh my goodness. This was inspiring and thought provoking. “Be hungry for your success”.

  2. godtisx says: