• Nothing Was The Same, or Was It? Drizzy Gets Sued Again

    Not a good look…
    Remember stylist, Michael Raphael, who holds a pending lawsuit against Drake for a tab of unpaid styling bills? Well now it looks like Drake has himself in trouble with Raphael once again. Drake is being sued by Raphael’s jewelry company, Baden Baden Inc., for copyright infringement over a $50,000 owl pendant that was custom-made for him.

    According to TMZ , Drake hired Baden Baden Inc. to make the pendant back in January and purchased it for $49,204. Apparently the one-of-a-kind pendant has been recreated into duplicates for the rapper’s friends. Thank Instagram later for this proof as Drake posted the duplicates seemingly without a care.

    Drake uses the owl as a theme and logo for his record label, “October’s Very Own,” and Baden Baden Inc. is not backing down against suing  the rapper.According to Raphael, he is the mastermind behind OVO and is responsible for alot of clothing design, styling, graphic design, logo and name creation for Drake.  Baden Baden Inc. is claiming copyright infringement along with demanding unspecified damage,s and also want Drake to hand over all of the extra pendants created from the original owl piece.

    Drake’s forthcoming album, “Nothing Was the Same,”  WAS scheduled to be released on September 24th….until the leak that went viral.

    According to Eric Diep of XXL Mag,

    ‘Not even Drake is safe from an album leak.

    …Drake’s Nothing Was The Same hit the Internet a week early. Originally, the Toronto rap star scheduled his album for September 17, but pushed it back to September 24 to add his finishing touches. From what we’ve known so far, the album features Jhené Aiko, Detail and Jay Z. Contrary to a leaked tracklist that surfaced before, it doesn’t have Lil Wayne as a guest appearance.

    In our outtakes of Drake’s cover story, he revealed a bonus track that will appear on the album called “Heat Of The Moment.” “It’s a real relationship. Not to be ironic, we go through the motions of a father-son relationship,” he said. “Right now, he happens to be extremely stable and content, and I take care of what I can for him.”

    Just recently, Drake premiered a new track “Too Much” featuring Sampha live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

    But what about this owl pendant Drake? I love Drake and his music. He is definitely an inspiration for those ‘starting from the bottom’ but somebody has some explaining to do.

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