• Wardrobe Stylist Jaron Eggleston Turns His Hobby Into A Hustle

    Jaron Eggleston, Wardrobe Stylist is taking over the scene.

    Eggleston is 25 yrs old and has professionally styled for a year, but overall for 3 years. Eggleston would always get compliments from friends, family and strangers all the time on how well he dresses. Eggleston proves to turn your hobby into your career and you can go far.

    My family always made sure we all dressed well and look good, I’ve thought about styling but I didn’t know how to start. Until one day I just decided to jump into it and haven’t looked back since

    -Jaron Eggleston

    The Wire Hanger By Winnie: Who was your first celebrity client and what did they need styling for?
    Eggleston: My first celeb client sang at the COGIC Holy Convocation. Her name is Alexis Spight. She was the 2nd runner up on BET’s Sunday Best.

    TWHBW: What are some other celebrity clients you’ve styled?

    Eggleston: Artists such as:

    Cory Barry

    LeAndria Johnson

    Amber Bullock

    TWHBW: Is your main focus within gospel artists?
    Eggleston: I love styling my clients that are gospel artists but I’d like to break into the secular world to style as well. The world can’t see my full potential working with gospel artists sometimes because they are scrutinized by what they wear. You have to be very careful styling a client that is a gospel artist.

    TWHBW: What celebrities would you love to style?
    Eggleston:The ultimate male celebrity I would like to style is Lyfe Jennings. The  female is Fantasia. I’ve always respected them as artists and I am always up for a challenge.

    TWHBW: What obstacle or challenge would you say you’ve had to face so far?

    Eggleston: Styling in the fashion industry, back biting is a major issue. Back biting meaning, if someone asks for styling help, or tips, they could in actuality claim your work.

    TWHBW: Where do you see yourself in the future?
    Eggleston: I plan to expand myself  not only as a stylist but as a designer as well. I also plan to cater to younger clients as well and design clothing for children.

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    via Instagram: @stylist_jaron

    via Twitter: @Stylist_Jaron


    Also seen in Delux Magazine Apr/May 2013 Issue

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  1. I love this interview it was very enlightening for me was interesting to know the fashion industry from the perspective of a stylist I wish him nothing but the best and I’ll be looking from when I reach the top to be styled for my first television depute.

  2. Deb Sistrunk says:

    I like Mr. Eggleston’s style. I believe his star will continue to rise. Intriguing topic and great interview!

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