• Spreading The Word Through Cosmetics

    I introduce to you,   

    Aundrea C. Smith

    CEO & Founder of Victory Lip-Colour LLC

    Aundrea is also CEO and Founder of the ministry:
    “Everlasting Victory Everyday” Philippians 3:13-14
                                                   “The past is OVER, Life is NOT…”

    Aundrea is spreading the word of God to every woman through each product. LVC Inc. is a unique line of custom handmade Cosmetics. Each product Inspires, Edifies & Promotes individuality!

    TWHBW: What made you create LVC Inc.?

    Aundrea: What made me start LVC inc was my passion for cosmetology. I was already a MakeUpArtist from STL that relocated to Los Angeles. My passion for it went beyond just doing makeup. I wanted to create what I didn’t see available for women.

    TWHBW: How would you describe LVC?


    TWHBW: How do you make sure every customer is satisfied with your product?

    Aundrea: Any product can be custom made. So customers can rock a great color that works best for them! LVC constantly introduces new product for those who like to stay ahead. Also if the color doesn’t quite work the way you’d like, LVC does have an exchange policy to ensure 100% satisfaction.

    TWHBW: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

    Aundrea: My advice would be to EXECUTE! It was scary at first but just step out & do it. Be passionate about what you are doing & be consistent. Your motivation has to come from the love of it, not money. The money follows a passion. Even if things look slow, keep going!

    TWHBW: Is LVC primarily a go to place for lip color?

    Aundrea: It is The go to place for fierce lip color although it is not limited to lips. LVC now provides Nail Lacquer and Eyeshadow to complement your beauty!

    Eye-am Victorious 12 Eyeshadow Palette

    Live Victoriously Nail Lacquer – Abigail

    TWHBW: Where can people get your product?

    Aundrea: www.livevc.bigcartel.com And also if there are some wonderful people in Saint Louis,MO this Saturday April 13th I will be hosting a Launch Party for LVC Inc.

    People are attending from all over the country! I can’t wait! This will be a red carpet event you don’t want to miss. It will be at: The Office-5917 Delmar Blvd! At 5pm! 



    Victory Lip-Colour (Love)

     We can’t see it

    As hard as we try

    We can’t predict it

    But in our emotions it may pry

    Though, we can feel it

    If the bond is tight

     So continue to believe in love

    No matter what

    And keep your faith in Him

    The most high up above

     Practice love just as you do your faith

    Enhance your spiritual relationship

    Why wait?

     When you pray, does He take his precious time?

    No. That’s love.

     When you ask for forgiveness, does He hesitate?

    No. That’s love.

     When you’re on both knees, hands raised with tears falling..

    Does He hear your calling?

    Yes. That’s love.

     Love yourself.

     Love your faith.

     God is love.

    -Winnie Caldwell (Inspired by LVC Cosmetics)

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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Aundrea. Best wishes to her has she takes her business to the next level. Too bad I’m not in the States right now. There are several shades in her collection that I really like. Don’t worry — I’m bookmarking her site. BTW, Ms. Winnie, the poetry is a nice touch.

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