Never recieved child support. After years of being a single mom. Are you allowed to spend it on the household? There are thousands of single mothers who depend on the government for help. There are also thousands of men who haven’t grasped the concept of actually caring for their child physically and financially. That can add stress within the already dismantled family. There are men who get away with living comfortably and not paying child support. So the mother goes by any means to care for her child or children. Once the government catches on, that man will have to pay back child support that is owed and what is due. So what if the child had a comfortable life that the mother provided alone? Is she wrong for using child support money on a electric bill or gas bill to ensure the child is in a comfortable environment? Is the single mother wrong for putting $60 of child support money in her tank to get back and forth in these times of high gas prices? Or should she do the mediocre thing and make sure the child has the newest Jordan tennis shoes instead of a roof over his/her head? The last time I checked it’s called CHILD SUPPORT. there to support the well being of the child. No I don’t believe in cashing out child support money on a new wardrobe for the mother or even anything that has no direct effect on the child. Though I do hope that the rate of dead beat fathers lessens. Also that men will step up and acknowledge how much single mothers endure and become the actual father figure and mentor that child needs.

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  1. FlyBoi J2P says:

    wwwweeeellllll i think if the mother has been providing for the child all this time and she finally start to get child support she should spend it on whatever she like. if she get dependent on the child support as a income and the father just stop paying its going to put her n a hole with more stress. now if she dont have the roof over the child head she need to make sure her priorities are right

  2. iiii says:

    what about the moms don’t always think dads don’t get kids so change your wording