• Happily ever after

    I’ll be happy once I’m over you
    I’ll be glad when I forget you
    You wouldn’t expect to be living in perfect bliss
    Then all of a sudden it’s all dismissed
    Living in the moment
    Being guided by my heart
    Is where I went wrong from the start
    Why make me so happy to end up making me so miserable
    Why build me up into thinking it was all a dream
    Now it feels like a never ending nightmare
    I’m pissed I’m pissed about it
    I’ll be glad when I’m indifferent about it
    Me being pissed means I care
    When I walk away I want you to chase me
    I need the strength to walk away without looking back
    I need my heart to fall into a coma and forget those happy moments
    Forget those wonderful things we did for each other
    Forget those songs that remind me of you
    I never imagined wanting to forget you
    I couldn’t imagine life without you
    But I haven’t been happy since you made me happy
    You brought me joy then broke my heart
    I feel like I saw the calm before the storm
    Where everything is unreal and perfect
    When I would sit back and look at us and smile that you always made me happy
    That’s when I fell
    Fell in love
    It seemed like a fantasy
    I was living the happily
    Dreaming of the EVER AFTER
    But now I’m experiencing EVER AFTER
    During the happily is never ending smiles
    Sweet little nothings
    Is when you wonder
    How did this EVER happen?
    How did we end up so perfect?
    I know we will never EVER end.
    But this AFTER
    this AFTER can kill you if you’re not prepared
    I don’t think I can be happy after this ever.
    Let me repeat
    After experiencing HAPPILY EVER AFTER
    it’s crazy how things can change so abruptly
    And all advice is to move on
    All advice is to say f*** him
    No matter how bitter I may feel now
    He once brought me happiness I never felt and probably won’t feel again
    He brought me joy I didn’t think was possible
    He made me smile without even trying
    He programmed my heart to beat faster at the thought of him
    To pound harder at the sight of him
    Without love you don’t know how to hate
    Though I can’t quite seem to hate who I thought was brought to me by fate

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  1. amelia says:

    Dope!!! Makes sense. Three emotions, one phrase. Makes all the damn sense. Hoping the happily will always exist after ever.