• Scared To Love

    Scared to fall
    Your smile terrifies me
    It has too much control
    Over my heart
    I could tell from the start
    The way your teeth glistened and your dimples formed
    Just gave me a feeling of warmth
    I loved the feeling
    Yet I hate it
    Because of him
    And him

    In my past
    They wooed me
    They gained my heart
    Then tore it apart
    First one took away my trust
    He just used it to fulfill his lust

    Second one took away my strength
    My mind became weak
    My opinions turned very bleak

    Third one struck my soul
    Just when I thought the third was a charm
    I didn’t see just how much he could harm
    My heart
    My love for him

    I try not to let these thieves of my past effect my now and future
    But you look at me with that same smile
    Like he did
    You hold my hand tight
    Like he did
    You listen to my long meaningless stories like he did

    You share so much in common
    How do I know

    You won’t hurt me like he did?
    You won’t abandon me like he did?
    You won’t scar me like did?

    Maybe you should ask them how to respond
    They all said

    They’d never hurt me
    Which was true
    My heart was broken instead


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  1. What a gift you have! It’s as if you peeked into my head to reveal my (former) life’s story.

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    Our family is blessed with a gifted poet, my daughter Winnie. She’s a young adult, but she writes about issues that evoke strong emotion and wisdom beyond her years. Check out her site at thewirehangerbywinnie.com.

  3. Wonderful peace of poetry.

  4. Yahobahne says:

    This is deep, deep, deep. Poignant too, and yet a sense of embracing freedom. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.